Supporting Children and Youth Facing Adversity

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2018 Annual General Meeting

7 November 2018 to 9 November 2018
Brussels, Belgium

Elevate Children Funders Group will hold the 2018 Annual General Meeting 7-9 November 2018.

The AGM is the annual reporting forum for ECFG members and participating foundations to:

  • learn about the work of Elevate Children’s shared activities and working groups;
  • deepen knowledge base on where the field is on specific issues;
  • learn about the opportunities for donors to make a discernible difference;
  • share grant-making experiences and good practice with other donors; and
  • generate new ideas for donor collaboration.

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"The beauty of Elevate Children is that we can share our similarities but also our differences. When we can combine these there are a lot of possibilities. ECFG can bring in new and different voices to the table."

- ECFG Member

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ECFG is open to philanthropic foundations, private, public and operating, as well as donor advisors and donor advised funds.

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We aim to develop resources to address pressing and current grantmaking issues impacting our members and partners.

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Since its inception, ECFG has conducted successful, strategic convenings to help funders connect with one another, and more.

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"The grantmaker world can be very lonely. We know what our team is doing but it takes an extra effort to find out what other funders are doing. Elevate Children provides that space to interact with others, discuss areas of opportunity and collaboration, identify common partners and share a common vision."

- ECFG Member