ECFG events are only open to ECFG members and invited foundation representatives. If you are a foundation representative (that meets ECFG membership criteria) and interested in attending an event, please contact the Secretariat.

Past Events

Past Event

Where are the Local Voices in Asian Philanthropy? Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities for Local NGOs/CSOs in Asia

28 September 2017 Hong Kong

Stars Foundation and Philanthropy University together with Elevate Children Funders Group and the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network co-hosted an event in Hong Kong on the theme: ‘Where are the local voices in Asian philanthropy? Understanding the challenges and opportunities for local CSOs/NGOs in Asia’.

The session was designed to enable us to hear directly from leaders about the impact of closing civil society space on local CSOs supporting children and young people in Asia. There was also reflection on opportunities and funder responses to enable local CSOs to thrive.

Past Event

Joint Funders Roundtable Discussion on Promoting & Supporting Young People's Participation in Peacebuilding & Violence Prevention

20 September 2017 New York, USA

In conjunction with International Peace Day and the UN General Assembly, Elevate Children Funders Group, Human Rights Funders Network, and the Peace and Security Funders Group held a roundtable to discuss the role of funders in supporting the Youth Peace and Security agenda. The meeting was opened by representatives of the UN Secretary General’s Office and the discussion framed by expert discussants from the Office of the Progress Study, UNDP, and civil society.

The roundtable discussion core objectives were to: (i) raise awareness of UNSCR 2250, the Progress Study, and discuss the YPS agenda; (ii) better understand where global policymaking is heading in relation to YPS agenda, the SDGs, the securitization of public policy, and the current understanding and responses to youth; (iii) explore how philanthropy across the different sectors of peace and security, child protection and violence prevention, and human rights currently supports initiatives which are or could be connected to the YPS agenda; (iv) assess emerging trends, gaps, and opportunities for coordination and collaboration; and (v) strategically brainstorm on philanthropy’s value-add in supporting innovative approaches and possible entry points on this important agenda.

Past Event

Funders Roundtable Discussion on Children on the Move

14 June 2017 Berlin, Germany

Co-Hosted with the European Programme for Integration and Migration

In conjunction with the civil society-led Global Event on Children on the Move, Elevate Children Funders Group and the European Programme for Integration and Migration held a funders roundtable to discuss the key outcomes of the meeting and the role of foundations in ensuring that the principle that children are children first and foremost irrespective of their migration or legal status is at the core of the Global Compacts and other international and regional processes. Thus, the central questions are: (i) how are foundations relevant to these global commitments; and (ii) how can the work of foundations, including funding in protection, education, girls, innovation, among other issues, be more aligned to these processes?

Past Event

Protecting the Rights of Children on the Move in Europe: What is the Role of Philanthropy?

16 November 2016 Stockholm, Sweden

Elevate Children Funders Group and the World Childhood Foundation co-hosted a meeting amongst European funders focused on the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe and the role of the philanthropy sector in supporting the care, protection and rights of children on the move. Meeting objectives included: (i) Take stock of how funders in Europe have responded to the continued arrival of refugees and migrants, specifically children and youth, in European receiving countries; and (ii) Identify how a collective of foundations can support funders in Europe to address both the opportunities and challenges and to effectively support the care, protection and rights of children on the move.

Past Event

International Alternative Care Conference Side Meeting on Funding Stream Research

7 October 2016 Geneva, Switzerland

Elevate Children Funders Group, Hope and Homes for Children, and Lumos held a half-day meeting following the 2016 International Alternative Care Conference. This meeting was an opportunity for organizations engaged in funding stream analyses of institutional care to share findings, lessons learned, and challenges. It also provided a forum to discuss next steps in advocacy and communication around these findings.