COVID-19 has underlined the enormous gaps between communities, cities, regions and nation states. To shape a better future, investing in early childhood needs to remain a priority for all governments and societies. Front and center of this edition are resounding calls to action from global leaders and experts to ensure that young children, families, frontline workers and cities continue to thrive. The 33 articles demonstrate a diversity of projects, programs, and policies on how to address several of todays’ challenges impacting babies, toddlers and their caregivers.

advances in early childhood development

Early childhood matters 2020

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Early childhood matters 2021

Climate change is especially dangerous for young children. Yet discussions about climate seldom refer to the fate of young children. They should. This edition of Bernard van Leer's Early Childhood Matters is dedicated to examining the many ways that climate change and early childhood intersect. Hear from leading policymakers, researchers, educators, urban planners and activists from around the world, about how to both develop ecological resilience and improve well-being in the early years.

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The early years is a window of opportunity to make a lasting impact on human lives. With the right support, governments can help babies and toddlers reach their full potential. Whether making policies for a nation or a village, this guide explains both why and how policymakers and practitioners can put young children first. It covers integrated policies and vital services to promote early child development, covering six key policy sectors: Health, Nutrition, Education, Social Protection, Urban Planning, and Labour and Employment.

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building a society for babies, toddlers, and caregivers

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