Between March and August 2020, International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI), commissioned by UBS Optimus Foundation and GHR Foundation, conducted a review of measurement frameworks in Children’s Care. The goal was to analyze the potential for a common measurement framework that could support Children’s Care reform and system change to improve outcomes for vulnerable children.

a review of measurement frameworks in children's care

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It is important to distinguish between a measurement framework that would apply to one Children’s Care system in a certain country and one that would be more global, to be used across countries and regions, as both are being developed/sought after by different actors. They entail very different processes, have different goals and serve different interests.

On the basis of the interviews conducted for this review, it can be concluded that there is considerable support for a common, global set of principles and values for Children’s Care, but much less support for an (elaborate, complicated) common, global measurement framework that is monitoring its actual implementation.

Investing in the development and implementation of a country specific measurement framework has little or no added value, nor real chance of succeeding, without the necessary (pre-)conditions in place.

Donors should invest in the most pressing needs for Children’s Care reform in a country first, before investing in (development of) country specific common measurement frameworks (and try not to burden grantees with too much M & E).

Key takeaways include: