Manufacturing Moral Panic: Weaponizing Children to Undermine Gender Justice and Human Rights is a new report co-developed by Elevate Children Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project with the research team Sentiido.

weaponizing children to undermine gender justice and human rights

manufacturing moral panic

This research explores how gender-restrictive groups are using child protection rhetoric to manufacture moral panic and mobilize against human rights, and how this strengthens the illiberal politics currently undermining democracies. The report’s comparative analysis of three country case studies (Bulgaria, Ghana, and Perú) underscores recurring strategies, narratives, and actors and gives insight into how gender-restrictive groups collaborate and engage in coalitional work across the globe. This significant new research includes important findings and recommendations for funders.

Please note: This report was commissioned by GPP and ECFG to inform our members and help them to understand the current context of their work. It does not necessarily represent the views of any member organization.