We are thrilled to share this new ECFG-funded report from the Funder Safeguarding Collaborative (FSC) on the challenges, positive practices, and opportunities for collaboration between funders on safeguarding. FSC helps grant-making organizations strengthen safeguarding within their own organizations and those they fund by connecting funders to safeguarding knowledge and best practices, creating peer learning spaces, and offering high-quality safeguarding support.

challenges, positive practices, and opportunities for collaboration

Funder approaches to safeguarding

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Underlying Challenges
i. Unclear and Inconsistent Communication
ii. Unrealistic Expectations
iii. Compliance not Ownership
iv. Gaps in Funder Knowledge 

Opportunities for Collaboration
i. Encourage Cross-Sector Dialogue
ii. Promote Greater Alignment 
iii. Facilitate Investment
iv. Cultivate a Learning Culture

Positive Practice Principles
i. Clear Communication
ii. Realistic Expectations
iii. Organisational Ownership
iv. Educated and Informed funders

Key takeaways include: