In early 2021, ECFG partnered with the International Education Funders’ Group (IEFG) to commission research designed to help us diversify our philanthropic support networks with more members from the Global South and to make our spaces more attractive and responsive to these new members. Through the research process, the team at Sattva Consulting identified a number of observations about philanthropy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and offered insights about welcoming Global South funders into Global North philanthropic spaces. 

key philanthropic trends, challenges and opportunities in asia, africa, and latin america 

understanding the global south

elevate children funders group

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ECFG and IEFG were delighted to support the development of this report, as a resource for the broader philanthropic community. 

The research highlights that there is an increasing appetite for collaboration amongst grantmakers in the Global South, with scope for strengthening networks and partnerships across the Global South - but this will require changes by Global North networks and spaces. The report identifies three detrimental practices of Global North funders in engaging with Global South funders (p. 6), and makes recommendations for philanthropic support organizations and networks to engage them more effectively (p. 4). It also found that there are a number of underserved thematic areas around holistic child development and children facing adversity, with most Global South funders focused more on traditional education outcomes (p. 8).