A learning journey for Funders on Child and Youth participation

Weaving collective practice

elevate children funders group

This learning journey for funders explores what child and youth leadership and partnership means in practice and offers meaningful ways to practice child- and youth-centered funding and participation in philanthropy. The Learning Journey Package comprises four workshop recordings, each tackling crucial aspects of participation such as safeguarding, compensation, internal advocacy, and support for youth-led movements. It delves deep into the essence of child and youth leadership and partnership, offering tangible pathways for embodying child- and youth-centered approaches in philanthropy, and each recording is accompanied by detailed notes, key takeaways, and a trove of resources for further exploration. In dialogue with funders, practitioners, and activists, the learning journey explores practice-based learnings, tensions and complexities and what it really means to share power and decisions with children and young people.

Expanding on the groundwork laid by the Funders Toolkit for Child and Youth Participation, this learning journey contributes to bridging the gap between theory and action. By nurturing a culture of inclusion and participation, we aim to create the conditions for funders to enact meaningful change in their practices. Through dynamic and participatory methodologies, the learning journey supports participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to champion the cause of children and youth empowerment within their organizations.

As we strive for inclusivity and accessibility, we recognize the importance of offering this resource in multiple languages. We invite you to share the Learning Journey Package with your colleagues and partners, ensuring equitable access to valuable knowledge and insights across linguistic barriers. These languages were chosen based on feedback from the live Learning Journey participants. Explore the learning journey:

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