Sexual abuse of children occurs all over the world and global research indicates that risks occurring in the context of travel and tourism are increasing. No country is immune and new travel patterns and use of new technology create specific risks for children. This report is intended to provide updated knowledge on key dimensions of sexual abuse and exploitation in travel and tourism. The report describes the changing dynamics in Cambodia regarding child sexual abuse and exploitation in travel and tourism and provides a qualitative update of the current situation.

the cambodian case

sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism

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Cambodia remains a target country for child sexual abusers, but there is a reason to believe that the number of traveling offenders visiting Cambodia is decreasing.

Traveling offenders remain a serious issue that needs attention. 

There is a need for new methods and initiatives built on previous efforts to protect children from traveling offenders.

Travel and tourism actors play an important role in preventing perpetrators from accessing children but can at the same time provide access to children through their services.

The use of internet and communication technology for sexual abuse of children in Cambodia is a concern that needs more attention.

Key takeaways include: