Applications closed at close of business on Friday, April 26th. Thank you for your interest!

As part of the application, you will be asked to:
  • Confirm that you meet the fellowship requirements
  • Provide brief written answers to five questions
  • Upload a brief (1-2 minute) introductory video (you will not be judged on video quality)
  • Provide contact information for a reference related to the experiences shared in the application
  • Optional: You will have the opportunity to attach any other materials that you’d like to include to help us get to know you (artwork, blog or article, CV, video, website, social media page, etc)

All questions about the application can be sent to Zoe Trout (

After reviewing the materials, we will reach out to schedule interviews with a short list of candidates.

To Apply

How to Apply

Each YIP fellow will receive a total annual stipend of $2000 in recognition of their time, efforts, and data expenses. Additionally, ECFG will cover travel and accommodations, and provide a daily per diem for the ECFG AGM in Nairobi.


  • Age: 18-25 years old.
  • Participation in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) requires possession of an active, valid passport.
  • Proficiency in conversational English is necessary to maximize engagement during in-person interactions with members.
  • Due to current limitations (which we seek to change in the future), fellows will only receive compensation via wire transfer to a traditional bank account; therefore, access to such an account is required. Compensation via Western Union transfers is not available.
  • Individuals who possess a foundational understanding of philanthropic practices and demonstrate an interest in effecting change in this field are preferred. This understanding may have been acquired through involvement in youth-led organizations or movements, participation in youth advisory councils, activism, engagement in participatory grantmaking initiatives, or other experiences.
  • Fellows should be occasionally available within the hours of 2-6pm GMT Tues-Thursday to participate in ECFG member meetings and maximize engagement opportunities.
  • Although location is not a strict requirement, preference will be given to fellows residing in ECFG-member funding regions, which include Southern Africa, the Asia Pacific region, the Americas (particularly Latin America), Europe (particularly Eastern Europe), and the UK.
  • Preference will be given to fellows with a particular interest or expertise in areas aligned with the focus of ECFG members. Some ECFG and member focus areas include mental health, parent/caregiver support and family strengthening, holistic education, participation in philanthropy, decolonization of philanthropic practices, and gender-expansive programming. While currently less active within the network, efforts are underway to increase member engagement in areas such as climate justice, LGBTQI+ rights, and disability rights.
  • ECFG aims to engage a diverse cohort of young people that reflect the communities served by its members globally. Therefore, applications from individuals from the Global South, as well as Black, Indigenous, and other marginalized races, persons with disability, and those who identify as gender-diverse and/or LGBTQI, are strongly encouraged to apply.


a) Individuals selected for the fellowship will be asked to dedicate ~2 hours/week through April 2025. The time may include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Weekly pre-AGM calls on May 10, 17, 24, and 31 at 10am EDT/2pm GMT/5pm EAT/7:30PM IST to get to know one another and ECFG, and co-design a plan for participation at the AGM.
  • Active participation in regular meetings with the other fellows and the fellowship support team.
  • Independent work on identified projects and activities. Fellows will be guided to identify project ideas that align with ECFG’s work, and supported in developing them into feasible formats for implementation. 
  • Attendance at ECFG member meetings. Fellows will be expected to engage with ECFG members during their meetings to support the design, implementation and evaluation of programs.

b) YIP fellows will be asked to attend ECFG’s AGM in-person, from 4-6 June, in Nairobi, Kenya. The youth fellows will be invited to join us for the conference and will have the option of designing and hosting a plenary session. This in-person gathering will kick off the fellowship with valuable opportunities for team-building and connections with each other, networking with ECFG members to better understand their work, and the opportunity to directly influence ECFG members and partners. ECFG will cover fellow travel and accommodations, and will provide a daily per diem.

c) Fellows will be expected to co-create and agree to a shared Ways of Working.

Your Committment

The Youth for Impactful Philanthropy (YIP) Fellowship is a 12-month fellowship program designed for youth leaders and activists navigating the bridge between adolescence and professional life. As educators, advisors, and advocates to the ECFG secretariat and its members, the YIP Fellowship aims to amplify youth perspectives in the philanthropic field. We seek to recruit a cohort of 3-5 individuals, aged 18-25, to co-design the fellowship during its pilot year. While specific activities will be collaboratively designed, fellows can anticipate engaging in capacity-building exercises that foster intergenerational collaboration and networking, while they learn alongside and contribute their expertise to ECFG members. Across the three phases of onboarding, co-designing, and project implementation, fellows will refine their individual focus and goals within the network's activities. The pilot year of the YIP fellowship will be kicked off in person at ECFG’s AGM on June 4-6 in Nairobi, Kenya. 

It is our intention, contingent on funding, that graduates of the YIP Fellowship will, at the end of year one, move forward to join the YouthBridge Collective, an optional second-year fellowship alumni program that will advise on future iterations of the YIP fellowship and act as mentors to the next cohort of fellows, among other influencing activities driven by the collective.

Please note that, as ECFG is not a grantmaking organization, fellows will not be directly influencing funding decisions.

About the Youth for Impactful Philanthropy (YIP) Fellowship

Call for Youth Fellows

A core purpose of ECFG is to elevate child and youth issues within philanthropy. However, to date, we have elevated these issues without significantly elevating the voice of young people themselves within our network. By creating the Youth for Impactful Philanthropy Fellowship program, we seek to create a meaningful and consistent space for youth voices within ECFG and raise the perspectives of young people in both our members’ work and in the broader philanthropic community - all toward the goal of increasing the effectiveness of support for children and youth around the world.

Why Youth Engagement in ECFG

Elevate Children Funders Group (ECFG) is a network of 27 philanthropic organizations worldwide that provide grants to organizations that support children and youth. ECFG was created to help build greater support and collaboration between these funders, create ways to connect with their peers who are addressing similar issues, and offer opportunities to engage in collective learning. Unlike our member organizations, ECFG does not provide financial resources to organizations. Instead, it serves as a platform for funders to support, collaborate, and learn from each other. Our philosophy is that we are “better together.”

Every other year, ECFG members gather in person for a three-day learning event known as the AGM (Annual General Meeting). This year, our AGM is titled "Better Together: Bridging Funders, Young People, and Community for Collective Impact." From 4-6 June 2024, ECFG members and partners will convene in Nairobi, Kenya to network, build stronger personal connections, learn together, and share updates on individual and collective projects. YIP fellows will attend this gathering to network with ECFG members and connect with other fellows.

Elevate Children Funders Group


Elevate Children Funders Group (ECFG) is seeking 3-5 youth leaders, aged 18-25, to join the pilot learning year of the Youth for Impactful Philanthropy (YIP) Fellowship, a unique fellowship program designed for young changemakers passionate about shaping the future of philanthropy. Please apply by close of business (EDT) 26th April (see ‘How to Apply’ below for details).

Youth for Impactful Philanthropy (YIP) Fellowship

Request for Applications:

Applications closed at close-of-business on Friday, April 26th. Thank you for your interest!

Applications have closed as of close-of-business on Friday, 26th April. Thank you for your interest!